Kamoa® M5-GC - Grand Concert 16" String length

  • $469.99

The All New Kamoa® M5 Series all solid Mahogany Tone Wood Body provides a full clear projection that even rivals our Spruce tops!. Nicely Appointed with a Maple neck and bridge gives the M5 a silky smooth, lightning-fast playability.  The M5 Mahogany has a clear bright tone that will give you more of the sound of Hawaiian Koa Wood but with better BASS response and without the hefty price tag (Low G available and recommended).  Kamoa® M5 offers an ultra, light-weight feel giving you the best player experience. The M5 has earned a well-deserved place in the Kamoa® family of products.  Get yours today while supplies last, Step up your ukulele game...you're going to love your Kamoa® The most comfortable, playable ukuleles for adults and children.

100% Solid Tone Wood no laminates ever. Designed by Musicians for Musicians!

Ships Direct from Kamoa® Ukulele HQ (Kauai, Hawaii) 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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